How to Grade a Document

Did you know that the effectiveness and appearance of your document can be graded on the same scale as precious stones?

Rate Your Document Using the Diamond ScaleCreating Documents on the Diamond Scale

Carat: A diamond is measured by its weight, but size is not directly proportional to value. Sometimes a large gem is less valuable than a smaller one that has no flaws. In the case of a document, sometimes less is more. Having less copy and leaving some white space could make your document more visually appealing.

Color: Use the right combination of colors and contrast to add visual interest. Splashes of color add emphasis to your document and invite the reader to find out more.

Clarity: Does your message come through loud and clear? Make sure your audience knows exactly what you’re selling and how to contact you. The reader may give up if it’s not easy to find your details.

Cut: Having more facets on a diamond does not mean it will sparkle more. The placement of a facet is what adds sparkle. Give balance to your document by using a variety of font sizes and design elements to highlight important information.

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