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IN GREEK MYTHOLOGY Atalanta was born as a princess. According to legend her father was disappointed that she was not a son so he abandoned his newborn daughter in the forest on a mountain­top in Arcadia.

Found and nursed by a pack of she-bears, she was later rescued by hunters who taught her survival skills. She overcame the challenge of being abandoned at birth, and returned to society as a strong, resourceful, intelligent, loyal, independent, and well-respected woman.

Atalanta, whose name means unswaying, used the bow and arrow as her source of survival. She kept her quiver full of arrows and her archery skills honed to help her in difficult situations. The story of Atalanta’s success is a myth, but many women have achieved and are still achieving mighty things despite obstacles.

The Atalanta Woman offers a quiver full of arrows to help women survive in the business world. Her arrows are Productivity, Technology, Business Practices, Sales and Marketing, and Lifestyle. By keeping these arrows honed and aimed at success, the successful entrepreneur is ready for any challenge or opportunity.

The Atalanta Woman magazine points you toward success by offering practical tips and knowledge in all aspects of business. We draw from experts across every industry who share their obstacles and opportunities to point your business toward success.

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