Plan Bee offers design services that can help you in your efforts to promote your business. The marketing materials that you use can make a tremendous impression on your target audience. Present yourself with pride and professionalism.


Almost anyone can make a document in Word – how hard can it be? But you find yourself spending hours trying to line up text, add graphics, or whip headers and footers into shape – and it still isn’t the way you want it. Don’t fight the document battle alone. Plan Bee creates and designs newsletters, flyers, instruction books, manuals, letterheads, charts, graphs, and tables – all in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint, so you will be able to make edits yourself. Hand over your document project to Plan Bee for a polished, professional product.


Is your full-length book ready for the final stage of production – layout and printing?  Plan Bee takes your text, chooses the fonts, adjusts margins, designs chapter headings and page layout, adds headers and footers, inserts the table of contents and index, and prepares the completed document for the book printer – from front cover to back cover – ready for printing. When you finally hold your completed book in your hands, you’ll be bursting with pride and joy.


In the world of Networking it’s important to have your vision showcased appropriately. A business magazine is a smart and convenient way to get your message across to those potential clients or colleagues you meet. Let us design, contribute articles and tweak your layout so you can gain that credibility you deserve. See for samples of our business magazine. You will impress everyone around you with this fantastic piece of marketing material.


Have you ever had to fill in a form that has a huge space for the zip code and an itsy-bitsy space for your email address? What about a form that has been reproduced so many times it is crooked on the page or illegible?

Plan Bee is a Form Design Specialist! Forms should be designed to capture information which can be filled in by hand or on the computer. Your forms will be created in Word so you can edit them when necessary.


Plan Bee reviews any written work – website, book, proposal, or handout – for spelling, grammar, consistency, flow, and sequence from an objective, logical, and literal point of view. Often, because you are too close to the subject, you fail to see the project as a whole, or leave out critical information that the reader may need to fully understand your message.


If someone gives you directions to their house, it isn’t enough to say, “Drive down Main Street and take a left.” Even if you knew the town they lived in, the chances of you finding their home are almost zero. You need specifics, like landmarks, street names, and distances along the route.

In the same way, all businesses need a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) manual to ensure smooth and efficient operation. As an entrepreneur, you can probably do most of the tasks in your sleep, but what happens when you hire a temp or a new employee? You may spend hours explaining to them how to perform all the tasks, instead of getting out there and making money. An SOP manual gives specific directions, complete with pictures and diagrams for further explanation. If the steps are clearly written and followed, you’ll know that each task is performed consistently, completely, and efficiently.

For assistance in writing and compiling custom procedures, tailored for your company, call Plan Bee at 678-641-2896.


Competition is stiff and you continually have to promote your business in order to stay in the game. 

Have you ever been caught without a business card at a networking event? Do you have the marketing collateral you need to promote your business? How about a speaker sheet? Keep your clients informed by sending a regular e-newsletter, or send a postcard announcing your new product or service.

All these products require design and Plan Bee is here to help!

We offer our services individually or in packages. Email Us Today! [email protected].